Did you know there are 583 farms in Saratoga County, New York?

There are roughly 78,800 acres of farmland, with an average farm size of 135 acres.  Farms in Saratoga County are family owned and operated with almost two-thirds report farming as their primary occupation.  Recent market value of agricultural products totaled over $79 million. Out of 62 counties, Saratoga County is 3rd in Equine, and sod, as well as 8th in poultry, eggs, nursery greenhouse, floriculture and sod.

In Saratoga County, a lot has changed from the year 1910 to 2012. The number of farms has decreased from 3,611 to 583, as well as the amount of farmland, which has decreased from 392,200 acres to 78,849 acres. By having less land being used for farming, it shows how agriculture is becoming more efficient with new, more advanced equipment and crop technologies.

Source USDA Census of Agriculture and NY Agricultural Statistic Service 2012.